Thank you for your interest in Dansa College. We are honoured that you are taking the time to learn more about us – a truly magical place.

This information can be found by contacting us directly via email.
Visit one of our annual open days to see in-person what we have to offer.
Complete the online application or mail your application to us (Mailing address can be found on the ‘Contact Us’ page).
Congratulations! Accepted students will be notified via email or phone once their application have been reviewed and accepted.
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Frequently asked questions

To help ensure Dansa is the right fit for you, please refer to some questions students face when applying to a new school.

Does Dansa have sports teams?

Yes! Although we don’t have our own facilities, we do have arrangements with nearby facilities to ensure our students have all sport options available.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

20:1. This ensure that all our students receive a hands-on experience where they are listened to and free to have their say.

Does the school have a hostel?

Unfortunately not. However, there are various student accommodation options available near the school.

Is the school Co-ed?

Yes! We enrol both male and female students.

Does Dansa offer more than just sports?

Yes! The school also has a debate, chess and Christian club.

Will my matric qualification allow further studies?

Yes! We offer all subjects required for tertiary institutions in South Africa.